Mentor Chat with Michael Krupit

By Founded In Philly (other events)

Tuesday, April 2 2013 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

Meet Michael Krupit! Michael is on his seventh startup, having a number of roles in successful ventures both in Philly and in Silicon Valley including CDNOW in Philly. He's also bringing Founder Instititue to Philly this spring.


The right mentor can signficantly increase your chances of startup success. The Philly startup community has a lot of great mentors.

This Founded In Philly event series will introduce you to the best Philly mentors. It is hosted at First Round Capital and additionally sponsored by Technically Philly and Morgan Lewis.

The format is an informal chat between Gabriel Weinberg and the guest, modeled after the PandoMonthly fireside chats.